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Les yeux dans l’eau

Image 1_lesyeuxdansleau_FrançoisLafrance.jpg

January 21-March 26th, 2022

Artists at the Foreman: Kelly Jaclynn Andres, Maude Deslauriers, Gaëlle Elma, and Tania Love. Artists at Sporoble Caroline Monnet and Ludovic Boney. Photo by: François Lafrance.


Recorded on March 31st, 2022

Join us for a lively and informal conversation between FOFA Gallery Director Nicole Burisch and invited guests Franchesca Hebert-Spence, Shelley Ouellet, and Geneviève Wallen on how curators, artists and institutions practice hospitality. Together they will discuss strategies for welcoming people to a space, think about how to acknowledge and value the unseen and unglamourous administrative labour that goes on behind the scenes, and ponder how budgets and artist contracts and policy can exist alongside (or help create) warmth, welcome, silliness, fun, and community. Conversations in Contemporary Art (CiCA) is a free event series sponsored by Concordia University's Studio Arts MFA Program. The series provides a unique opportunity to hear artists, designers, critics, writers, educators, and curators share their practice(s) and perspectives.

Alternative Methods for Fostering Care

In conversation with Geneviève Wallen about Younger than Beyoncé’s Thinking of You care packages.

Compte-rendu de l'exposition Les yeux dans l'eau pour la revue Esse arts+ opinion rédigée par Joëlle Dubé. Publié le 9 mars 2022.

« Se voulant une méditation tant politique, formelle que spatiale, l'exposition Les yeux dans l'eau propose un large éventail d'oeuvres qui examine, de proche ou de loin, les nombreuses instanciations de l'eau. Dans leur ensemble, ces oeuvres nous proposent une manièere d'explorer nos liens de parenté avec l'eau.» 

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